Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wednesday Workout

I'd been trying to get Alex to do some mile repeats with me for months (he wasn't that resistant, but somehow it just never worked out) so yesterday evening we finally jogged down to the Charlestown track to do a speed workout. It was a cold and windy day and the barely-a-mile jog to the track was refreshing. We got right into the mile repeats, clocking 6:20 for the first, we took a minute break, clocked 6:20 for the second (I was psyched), took about a minute and a half break, then clocked 6:21 for the third. It was a fun workout (fun being my word, not Alex's), and we jogged a slightly longer loop around Charlestown on the way back. Back home, we did 8 minute abs, which is a whole other story that I'll have to dedicate a blog post to another time.

objective: 3 x mile

rest: 1:00

results: 6:20 / 6:20 / 6:21


  1. Except for the spurious assertion that I do 8-minute abs, I, Alex Toth, attest to the veracity of this blog entry.

  2. Don't worry, Alex, very few (if any) people read my blog, so very few (if any) people will know how killer your abs are becoming.