Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dec. 27 - Jan. 2

Sun - 0 miles, wasn't feeling well
Mon - 6 miles, slept 12 hours straight
Tue - 0 miles
Wed - 6 miles
Thur - 6 miles
Fri - 8 miles, river loop then waffles
Sat - 0 miles
Total: 26

3 x 1600

Objective: 3 x 1600
Recovery: 1:00
Result: 6:50 / 6:39 / 6:24

Recap: I messed something up with my watch on the first repeat, so I'm not actually sure what my time was. 6:50 is my best guess. My legs were tired, and have been for the past week and a half or so, so these felt harder than usual. I was exhausted and sore by the time I finished the last repeat, and was definitely a bit disappointed with my time, but I hope it's just all these workouts catching up with me and that, once I get over the hump, I'll be stronger and faster than ever.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Dec. 20 - 26

Sun - 8 miles river loop and yoga
Mon - 0 miles, knitting
Tue - 6 miles with speed workout
Wed - 0 miles
Thur - 0 miles, yoga
Fri - 6 miles
Sat - 0 miles, wasn't feeling well
Total: 20

As you can see, I wasn't feeling well at the end of this week. I had a headache and just felt tired. Spending time with my family over Christmas made me rethink the marathon, because no one in my family thinks doing a marathon in February is a good idea. I have until Thursday to sign up to get the discounted rate, so I need to make a decision...

Monday, December 14, 2015

Dec. 13 - 19

Sun - 13.5, river loop
Mon - 0 miles, did some yoga at home
Tue - 6 miles with 6xBunker Hill workout
Wed - 0 miles, so tired
Thur - 6 miles a.m.
Fri - 0
Sat - 6 miles
Total: 31.5

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

3 x 1600

Objective: 3 x 1600
Recovery: 1:00
Results: 6:50 / 6:29 / 6:16

Overview: My legs were sore and tired, and it was quite windy. I could kind of tell I was going too slow on the first repeat, but I was still surprised to see my time. I realized last week what a difference it makes to run these workouts with someone else, so I might look into joining a track club of some sort.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Dec. 6 - 12

Sun - 8 miles, I think. Hanover loop with a big hill. It was cold out, but it felt so good to run. I love running.
Mon - 6 miles, loop
Tue - 6 miles with track workout
Wed - 0 miles, and didn't go to yoga, was feeling light-headed
Thur - 6 mile tempo. I get this feeling during my evening runs along the Boston harbor that I want to open my arms up to the sky and just bask in the beauty and feel of running. I don't do it, because I'm afraid of what people will think (I shouldn't be, right?), but the urge is so strong.
Fri - 5 miles with rats
Sat - 0, yoga
Total: 31

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

3 x 1600

Objective: 3 x 1600 with my brother
Recovery: 1:00
Results: 6:24 / 6:26 / 6:14

Overview: Great workout, and it was fun doing it with my brother. We took turns taking the lead, and purposely picked up the pace for the final repeat. It didn't feel that fast, and I felt great at the end of the workout. I think I'm getting faster!!