Wednesday, February 9, 2011

4 x 1600

Objective: 3 x 1600 at "threshold" pace (about 6:50)

Recovery: 1:15

Results: 6:58 / 6:43 / 6:37 / 6:42

Overview:  My goal was to not start out too fast and to try to find a sustainable pace.  I also wanted to stick to 3 repeats so as not to overdo it early in my training. Problems arose when I started getting passed by other runners doing the same workout and the competitive side of me just couldn't let that continue.  I was feeling good and it felt good to run fast, even though it was probably a bit faster than I should have been going.  After my fast third repeat the adrenaline was pumping and I didn't even consider stopping there. It was a fun workout. 


  1. Wow, impressive workout! I never in my life have added another mile repeat! You are tough. Keep it up.

  2. Hey Erin,
    Great to see you're back running at the track! Any races planned? It would be fun to fun to meet up in Boston/Cambridge for a run or race some weekend. I'll probably be there once or twice in March to see Annie. I'd love to try to get together for a run. Have fun, and keep up the training.

  3. Thanks for the support, guys! James, it would be awesome to meet up for a race or just a run around Boston if you're in the area. I'm doing a 10k in Holyoke on March 19th - let me know of any you're planning this spring, and let me know when you're in the Tufts vicinity.