Monday, February 21, 2011

February 20 - 26

Sun - 0
Mon - 0
Tue - 0...I'm under the weather after my weekend in the big city. Is it better to take time off or run while sick?
Wed - 0
Thur - 0
Fri - 0
Sat - 0
Total: 0

I've been putting off this post because I feel so guilty about a week with 0 miles. 0 miles! I can't believe it. What happened is that I went to NYC over the weekend and didn't run at all, which was fine, my plan was to do a long run on Monday when I got home, then continue my usual weekly running routine. I started feeling sick on Monday, though, and decided not to run, then my sickness got progressively worse until Thursday and Friday I was home from work sick, and running wasn't even an option. I started feeling better on Sunday and thought about running, but was also kind of enjoying using my sickness as an excuse to lay around and not do much of anything. Anyway, feeling much better today (Monday) and got in a good 6.5 mile run on my lunch break. As much as i hate to have lost a week of training, it was good to be forced to get some rest, and it gave me some time to think about my training and my attachment to it. I'm going to try to focus on enjoying my runs and not overdoing it or stressing myself out about missed runs, etc. I need to remind myself that I run because I find it relaxing and fun (among other things) and if it's not relaxing and fun then I need to reassess.

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  1. Take time off. Then get back at it when you're healthy.