Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4 x 1600 continuous

Objective: 4 x 1600 continuous, alternating marathon pace and threshold pace

Results: 7:10 / 6:33 / 7:00 / 6:40

Overview: Fun workout. I didn't really know what pace I should shoot for as a "marathon pace" but the first mile felt really slow to me; I was pleased that a 7:10 pace felt as easy as it did. The next mile was definitely harder work, but it was also kind of that fun pace that I like. It was interesting to try to find the same pace at which I ran the first mile after doing a faster mile, but I'm glad that mile 3 was faster than mile 1. Also pleased with the last mile, not too much slower than the second. I almost didn't go to practice today, I was tired, and sore, and my head hurt, and I just wanted to come home and go to bed. I play the most ridiculous head games to get myself out the door, and today before I got home I thought "as soon as i walk in the door I'm changing into my running clothes and braiding my hair (which might be fun!) and leaving." It was another one of those days where the run took everything that was boring, or bad, or frustrating, or tiring about my day and made it mean absolutely nothing next to the feeling of running outside on the track and feeling strong and fast. God I love running.

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