Sunday, April 17, 2011

BAA 5k

There's a poster at my parent's house with a picture of someone reading a book on a hill overlooking Lake Champlain, with Burlington and UVM in the distance. It says "Have it all, every day." My motto, lately, has been "Do it all, every day" and I like feeling like I don't necessarily need to make decisions between activities. For example, last night was my roommates birthday and also the night before the 5k, so I went out for what was supposed to be one drink and turned into two, saying I would be home by 10:30 although of course wasn't home until 1:00... by the end of the night I had convinced myself that if I woke up and it was raining I wouldn't go to this race (I think I said, "I need to stop confusing fun with masochism"), although even as I said it I knew I would go no matter what. I woke up hung over, dehydrated, tired, and it was raining. I got dressed and left - my wonderful roommate got up to drive me to the T, and miraculously by the time I arrived at Park St. the rain had stopped. I warmed up with Dave before getting into the chute for the start. Again I found myself much further back in the chute than I would have liked to be, and the first mile was spent weaving my way through other runners. I felt good until the last half mile or so, when I just really felt like I was ready to stop. I finished in 20:29, a new 5k PR for me, which is awesome. I had a great time hanging out with friends after the race, watching the elite mile racers and enjoying the sunshine. I had one of the best weekends ever, and I can't wait to watch the marathon tomorrow!!

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