Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Night Running

This is an old post I didn't publish for some reason a few years ago. I like it because this still happens to me sometimes: I realize I've forgotten how much I love to run, and when I remember, it's like realizing I have a powerful tool that I didn't know I had, and it makes me happy. It's actually what this Hyannis Marathon training is all about. Using this running-obsessed part of me to improve my day-to-day.

I haven't been writing on my blog lately, but I have felt guilty every time I think about its long-outdated posts. Last night I got home from a tiring day planning to go for a short run. I struggled to put on my long pants and warm top, pulled on my fleece headband, and went out onto the slushy sidewalks of Charlestown. I had to be careful at times to avoid the slush and ice (I fell during a long run a few weeks ago and my wounds are only just healing) but I felt great. Great is an understatement, I felt indescribably good. Lately when I start running I suddenly feel weightless. It's almost an out-of-body experience. I ran the loop I was planning to run, then did an extra hill, then started running the same loop backwards hoping to run into Alex on his way home, then finally turned around for home. I felt like a kid who doesn't want to come in from playing in the snow. Why is this so shocking to me? It's not shocking at all, I know this about myself. Maybe what seems surprising is the degree to which I love to run.

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